MiCloud VoicemailVoicemail is a standard MiCloud feature provided with each user Extension.

The voicemail service offers personalized greetings and spoken presence messages to callers.

It is possible to select how your voicemail will be presented to a caller and how you should be notified of incoming voicemails.

The following notification options are available:

  • SMS – An SMS message is sent to the mobile phone configured for the user indicating a new voicemail message.
  • Email – An email is sent to the email address configured for the user to notify the user about the new voicemail message
  • Phone – A message waiting indication (a lamp or message icon) is also used to display new messages in the SIP
  • Desktop/Softphone where the user is logged in.
  • Visual Voicemail – users can retrieve voicemails from the Web, Mobile or Desktop client.