Auto Attendant (IVR)

MiCloud Auto Attendant is a feature which presents callers with a pre-recorded voice prompt containing information and routing options. Callers respond by pressing the applicable number on their phone keypad and is then directed to the desired Extension, Department or Mailbox.

The Auto Attendant is quick and easy to setup or modify and can be recorded via an extension telephone or by uploading the sound file via the System Admin portal.

The callers respond by pressing their numbers on their phone keypad which directs the caller further, for example to an Extension, Hunt Group or Voicemail. The Auto Attendant is quick and easy to setup, and just requires the number with prompts and options, i.e. Good day and welcome, please dial 1 for customer care, 2 for support, etc.

Auto Attendant recordings can be uploaded as a sound file or can be recorded via a connected telephone.

Each system is provided standard with a single Auto Attendant menu however additional levels/menus can be ordered separately.