Call Reporting

Itemised Calls

Managers and Users are able to access a list of calls made and received through the MiCloud service from any web browser. Managers have access to all calls whilst users may only be able to access their own calls. All information relating to the incoming or outgoing call is displayed and can be sorted by call type, user, extension number, and call duration.

Reports can be downloaded in CSV, XML or JSON formats to a local computer.

Access to Itemised Calls is a standard system feature and is included in the MiCloud subscription. Itemised Calls and Reports do not contain any billing information. For billing requirements please refer to the TMS (Telephone Management System) solution.


Telephone Management System

MiCloud TMS is a powerful Expense reporting and management platform which delivers incredibly useful insight and accurate information relating to all telecom usage, trends and expenditure. Based on an organisation hierarchy, reporting and statistics can be extracted by branch, department or user which shows usage summaries; destinations, private vs business calls and contacts, and more.

MiCloud TMS has a comprehensive set of reports which can be accessed on the fly or scheduled in advance to be emailed to users, managers and system administrators and also supports email alerts for proactive management and administration.

MiCloud Telephone Management System is available as an add-on to the MiCloud subscription, charged per extension per month.