Call Recording

Embedded Call Recording

Users can easily record calls by programming a dedicated button on their Mitel 6865 or higher IP phone, or by simply clicking the ‘record’ button in the MiCloud Desktop App whilst in call.

All recordings are stored in the user’s Inbox along with voicemail and fax messages, and can also be automatically emailed to the extension user.

Embedded Call Recording is a standard system feature and is included in the MiCloud subscription.


Hosted Call Recording

For organisations that require advanced Call Recording, our Hosted Call Recording solution provides call recording with secure cloud storage and supports powerful features to organize, retrieve and replay calls, as well as perform key phrase searches with its advanced search engine.

MiCloud Hosted Call Recording is uniquely designed to help businesses address and effectively manage regulatory compliance requirements for call recording and is widely used in the healthcare, legal services, insurance and financial services industries to provide revenue protection and support business documentation, dispute resolution, litigation defence and project management needs.

MiCloud Hosted Call Recording is available as an add-on to the MiCloud subscription, charged per extension or per minute each month.