Video Conferencing

video-conferencingYou know the value of face time and team collaboration, but does the thought of going through all the trouble of setting up a video conference make you feel as though it’d be easier to just travel to a meeting instead? It doesn’t have to.

Video Conferencing is as easy as making a phone call with the MiVoice Video Phone. There’s no need to plan ahead or use a third-party service. In fact, you can even initiate a video conference or collaboration session mid-meeting, when the occasion for impromptu brainstorming and idea sharing often arise.

The device’s in-room presentation capability allows for easy sharing of documents through a variety of methods, including cloud-based services. Or, you can collaborate with remote parties by connecting to a Web-based collaboration session using the built-in Web browser. That means there’s no need to interrupt discussions or schedule another meeting in order to share visuals.


Key Features and Functionality

  • Superior sound quality with high-definition (22khz) audio.
  • Automatic video call escalation once an audio call is placed.
  • Built-in high-resolution seven-inch color touch-screen display with full multimedia support and in-room presentation display capabilities.
  • An embedded Picsel SmartOffice Suite enables the ability to view and modify PowerPoint®, Word, Excel® and PDF files.
  • Web-browser allows multimedia support for access to cloud-based services, such as Gmail, Exchange Web for contact dialing and chat functions.
  • Provides the ability for multimedia content to be sent to remote parties over the video stream.
  • Can be connected to other third-party video conferencing and collaboration systems.
  • Flexible bandwidth deployment options allow it to work within an existing network environment.