Rich Enterprise Presence

rich-enterprise-presenceThe presence service has been designed specifically for enterprise use and shows a rich, current status of everyone in the system. Enterprise presence differs from consumer presence applications by having presence states that naturally map into the daily tasks of the enterprise users.

Each enterprise powered by the solution defines their own presence and administrators may control, on a user group level, which presence information should be visible to other users. The solution provides multi-level presence information including:

  • User role, to differentiate between private or business use
  • Activity, for example lunch or meeting, with associated end date/time, to indicate when coming back from a meeting
  • A personal note to allow messages to be left for colleagues
  • Device related information, such as phone state
  • Availability for chat and intercom capabilities

The user controls and sets their presence information using one of the MiCloud applications or the user’s web portal interface. These applications also allow users to see the presence state and in-call status of other people before calling them. Presence can also be set through modern public web APIs.