Hunt Groups

A Hunt Group number is used to distribute the incoming call either sequential or parallel to users within one or many groups. Hunt group number permits call distribution of incoming calls to associated group members. If a member is busy or does not accept an incoming call, the call is automatically routed to another member of the hunt group.

Each system is provided with a single Hunt Group however additional Hunt Groups can be ordered separately.

Hunt Group functionality includes:

  • Name – The Hunt Group name will visible in the corporate directory for quick access
  • Ringing order – Allows you to choose whether to use sequential or parallel distribution of an incoming call to the members of the hunt group. If parallel is selected, all the randomly selected users, according to the hunt length (set on the function number) will have their phones ring simultaneously. When the first user answers the phone, the rest will stop ringing. If sequential is selected, the selected user’s phone will ring in sequence, where the first user’s phone will start ringing. If this user does not answer within the specified distribute after-time (set on the function number), a second phone will start ringing. The first user’s phone will stop ringing when the Call how long time set on the function number has passed. An overlapping ringing scheme can thus be created.
  • Exclusion – You can exclude callers from being part of the hunt, for example if they are in a call or if their activity is sick. You can add multiple activities to exclude from the hunt.
  • Number presentation – Select which number that should be presented to the agents when a call is distributed from the hunt group and redirection number cannot be shown (for example on a mobile phone). You can either choose to present the hunt group number or the calling party number.
  • Schedule – Select the opening hours of this function number. You can set closed hours during lunch.
  • Schedule prompts – You can add prompts to be played before the caller enters the function number based on if it’s open (workday), closed (closed day) or during lunch (lunch).