Audio Conference Service

MiCloud Audio Conference Bridge allows you to book conference calls as well as start ad-hoc conferences from the Web, Mobile or Desktop application and is included as a standard feature on the MiCloud solution.

Click-to-join links and calendar events are sent via email and/or SMS to internal participants while external guests receive traditional dial-in details. You can also configure to send SMS reminders and start ad-hoc conferences by calling and connecting participants using the mid-call services.

Audio Conference Bridge features include:

  • Internal & external parties
  • Recurring meetings
  • Integration with outlook calendar
  • Reminder via SMS or Email
  • Click to join button

Each company is pre-configured to allow 10 participants for conferencing, as set for security reasons.

This controls how many total simultaneous dial-in conference participants allowed in the system.

If for example, the number of licensed units is 10, it is possible to have 2 conference calls with 5 participants each.  Participants that exceed the licensed units will be rejected and cannot call in.