MiCloud is a Business and Unified Communications as a Service (BCaaS/UCaaS) provider in South Africa. Our aim is to help businesses remain competitive and ensure staff retention in the new economy, future-proofing our customer’s businesses.

We provide our customers with a comprehensive communications suite that combines IP telephony, unified communications and collaboration into one managed service.

MiCloud is an intelligent and agile response to the demand’s of today’s workforce the their communications needs. Our flexible solutions are customised to respond to the needs of individuals and organizations, rather than forcing them to adapt to an inflexible model that may not meet their unique requirements.

Whether desk workers, teleworkers or mobile workers, all of our users demand the same feature-rich communications experiences they have in the office, no matter where they are working from or what mobile device they are using.

MiCloud is developed by one of the largest global telecommunications vendors (Mitel), and is built on a secure, resilient network across multiple locations in South Africa.


Mitel are the business communication experts powering more than 2 billion connections every day, including over 33 million daily cloud connections.

Mitel helps companies connect, collaborate and take care of their customers anywhere, anytime, over any device. With over 40 years of experience providing business communication solutions. More than 60 million users in 100 countries have entrusted Mitel with their communication needs.

This is why Mitel holds the #1 market share leader in Europe, the Middle East and Africa, and why Garter has recognized them as a Leader in Unified Communications. Offering the best path to the cloud has made Mitel the fastest-growing global cloud communication provider in the world.



It‘s true love

Me: “I’ve watched through MiCloud’s eyes, I’ve listened through MiCloud’s ears, and I tell you MiCloud’s the ONE!”
You: “What ONE, what’s THE ONE?”
Me: “The ONE thing that’s been missing! But, in fact, that question can only be answered once you understand our journey.”
Me: “Follow me to the future…”

Once upon a time, the world was a place where people sat in traffic, losing hours of their day, to get to the office every morning. They would sit in the office for 9 hours, or lose more hours in more traffic getting to customer meetings, and deliverables and answers to questions took hours or days. In our future, everybody is constantly connected and reachable – no matter where they are – and all queries can be responded to almost immediately. The availability of the person you need to speak to can easily be seen, and access to files is as easy as pulling them up on whichever device you have handy.

This is the vision we had of the workplace of the future, and we started taking the first steps to make it a reality in October 2015. We were so excited to visit this futuristic world, but we knew we had to do a lot of preparation before we could start this journey.

Before we could take off, we had to study and research the people we would encounter in this new world. We had to make sure we understood their wants, needs and how they like to do things in order for us to be fully prepared for the long-anticipated first encounter.

Finally the day arrived and to our surprise, we reached this future earth sooner than we thought thanks to our well-built spaceship of knowledge and research.

On our arrival on this future earth, we saw amazing things. There were five pillars holding up the future, each making up a trend that shaped how the people on this new earth did their work.


The five pillars were called MOBILITY, TECHNOLOGY, GLOBALISATION, MILLENNIALS, and NEW BEHAVIOURS. And the people told us that this new earth’s name was HYPERCONNECTIVITY.

Alone, these pillars could not sustain and support the new earth. They had to be unified and connected at all times in order to support and sustain Hyperconnectivity and her inhabitants.

The people living on Hyperconnnectivity were different from the people living on our current earth. They are curious, intuitive, always on the go (mobile) and connected to each other. They have a culture that does not define work and play as separate things – as a matter of fact they work while they play and they play while they work. Work for them is part of their lives and they’ve created these work communities in much the same way, and with many of the same characteristics, as today’s social communities. They care about their planet and each other a lot, and sustainability, mobility and connectivity are essential for their survival.
After interacting with these individuals and based on the thorough and factual research we conducted, we realised that they need ONE thing. ONE thing that will give them the connectivity and mobility to survive and strive on Hyperconnectivity. That ONE thing is MiCloud.

We showed them MiCloud and told them that it has been developed specifically with them in mind. They were ecstatic and told us that MiCloud will help them as well as the businesses on Hyperconnectivity to fully tap into the immense potential offered by the new technology that permeated all areas of the future. MiCloud will help them realise their dream of unified communications and true collaboration. They embraced MiCloud as the platform for the culture of ambitious, smart working professionals today, leading business tomorrow.

Our second journey starts now, with you!