Business Communications Features

MiCloud provides an extensive list of IP PBX and Centrex features, such as music on hold, call park, intercom calls, call recording, diversion bypass, call intrusion, call pickup, charging accounts, night mode schedules, call queues and interactive voice response.

MiCloud for Mobile provides transfer features from the mobile phone during an on-going call, through an intuitive graphical user interface. Other mid-call services are accessed through a voice menu interface. Mid-call services available to the user include features such as Call Recording, Call Hold, Call Transfer, Consultation Call and Conference Call.

MiCloud for Desktop provides an intuitive call control service where on-going calls can be easily and seamlessly moved between PC and Macs, mobile phones and fixed IP phones, enabling users to continue communicating using the best or most cost efficient option.

IP Centrex features include:

  • Place Call
  • Multiple active calls
  • Active call switching
  • Call pickup
  • Call Diversion
  • Day/Night mode
  • Call Hold
  • Call Resume
  • Call Park
  • Intercom Call
  • Call Retrieve
  • Call Decline
  • Call Transfer blind
  • Call Transfer attended
  • Short number dialing
  • User/Hunt group member
  • Fax machines over ATA box
  • Caller ID
  • Message waiting indication
  • Music on Hold
  • Presence controlled call routing
  • Personal & Group Voicemail
  • Personal Auto Attendant function
  • Single Number Reach
  • Contact management (VIP/Blocked)
  • Free Seating
  • Call Intrusion
  • Call Monitoring (Boss/Sec)
  • Allowed Destination (Barring Levels)
  • Company Directory
  • Personal Phonebook