SMS functionality is included with the MiCloud service and allows users to send text messages from the users MiCloud Web, Desktop or Mobile application.

SMS messages are used to notify, for example, a new fax or voice mail messages, to distribute and configure the mobile client application and for sending SMS messages from the Softphone.

Text messages or e-mails can easily be dispatched to groups of contacts. By making a simple contact search and choosing to send either an e-mail or SMS to the listed results, they will all receive the same message. Individual contacts can easily be removed from the list of receivers prior to sending.

If an SMS has been chosen, a dedicated message window will appear where the list of recipients can be edited and the text written.

SMS messages can also be used to:

  • Send Messages from the operator to extension users
  • Notify the extension user of a new fax or voicemail message
  • Log in/log out of ACD groups from your mobile phone
  • Send reminders to participants for Conference bookings contacts
  • To distribute and configure the mobile client application