Help: Features and Functionality

Can external applications work in MiCloud?

MiCloud lets you configure external applications to be launched from within the application. You can choose automatic or manual options, so the application will automatically launch on every incoming call or you will have to do it manually.

How do I configure external applications

Go to Settings > Advanced > External…, and use the +/- buttons to add or remove the external application. Double click the application you want to edit, and set the launch URI – this is the command that will allow the application to open. For example, URI. will launch your web browser. MiCloud is…
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Can I change values and fields?

Yes. If your external application uses different formats of numbers, for example, you can change them at the bottom of the configuration page. There is a Match expression field where you can use normal Regexp expressions, and a Replace expression field for the new values. And in case you’re not sure the values are working…
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How do I schedule a conference?

Invite multiple people to a call through the Conferences page. Adding a new meeting is simple: Click Add meeting, enter a name for the meeting, and choose the date, time and length of the call. The meeting will be booked in your default time zone.

Can I set up a recurring meeting?

Yes. Select the Repeat drop down-list to set the meeting reminder time to the calendar invitation. You can also set the time for the SMS text message reminder. Click Add participant and enter their email, phone number or name. If the person you want to add isn’t on the list, click Add external participant and…
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