Help: MiCloud Applications

Rule Order

Each rule you create and define is added to an ordered list. When a rule is processed, MiCloud will evaluate and match the criteria of the first rule in the list. If the rule has no match, it will continue looking until it finds a match. You can change the rule order using the up…
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Future presence

When you want to schedule presence events, use Future presence. To add a new future event press +. Add your info, time period and if the event should be repeated, and if you need to map diversions to the activity, use the Activity Diversion setting.


MiCloud has lots of function icons, including: Presence – these are for your personal information and presence status. Click on the picture to see your vCard. These include: Presence state is available In a call Presence state is unavailable Meeting starts within 60 minutes according to Outlook Contact is in a meeting according to Outlook…
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The Call Panel indicates when someone is on a call with a Line Busy icon. It also shows the connected person’s number and the duration of the call as well as a number of mid-call options. The Call Panel gives a sign of you being asserted by the system and call state. The call state…
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Setting up a conference call

Once you have received or placed a call, click Add to Conference when the call connects. This will open the conference call panel, allowing you to add participants by calling them and clicking Add to Conference when they connect. While placing calls to the participants, the initial call will be put on hold.