Help: Conference Calls

Disconnecting Participants

If you want to disconnect a participant, click Hangup or Hold in the Conference Call panel. If conference organiser disconnects the call, or if all participants have been removed, the call is over. However, if the organiser needs to leave but doesn’t want to end the call, they can move all other participants to the…
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The Conference Call panel’s log shows placed calls, received calls, missed calls, voicemail, recordings and fax messages. The time and length of the calls can also be seen here. To make life easier, MiCloud allows you to place new calls using the information from the log – just click Dial number to make a new…
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Conference Calls

The conference service is dependent on your license. This is to ensure security, because the license dictates how many total simultaneous dial-in conference participants are allowed in the system.

Setting up a conference call

Once you have received or placed a call, click Add to Conference when the call connects. This will open the conference call panel, allowing you to add participants by calling them and clicking Add to Conference when they connect. While placing calls to the participants, the initial call will be put on hold.