Help: Client Responsibilities

Network Readiness

To get the best performance out of your MiCloud solution, evaluate your existing network and future communication needs to make sure you are prepared for this life- and business-changing technology. Don’t let your local area network (LAN) infrastructure hold you back: Assess and understand what services and features you need, and evaluate them according to…
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Your existing network cabling is all that’s needed to connect the MiCloud phones, and must be CAT5e for runs of less than 100m, at the very least. For more than 100m, you’ll have to invest in CAT6.

UPS and Generator Power

MiCloud’s magic, but not even magic can happen without power. To make sure you’re always on, connect the MiCloud voice equipment (routers, switches and power feeds) to a UPS and/or a generator – just in case Eskom decides to start load shedding again.


The next time you are updating your insurance policy, don’t forget to include all your MiCloud gear! Whether you buy it or rent it, make sure you never lose it by insuring it.

Demarcation of Responsibilities

LAN Readiness The responsibility falls upon the client to ensure that the client LAN adheres to the standards set out in the relevant guide provided by MiCloud. (VoIP Network Best Practice Guide). The client must ensure that the LAN is compliant, as per the point above, prior to the MiCloud installation date and that the…
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