Help: Chat and Messaging


If you want to send instant messages (IMs), MiCloud makes it easy. The chat window shows the contact details and chat history, and has a text input field. The first IM is sent to all available devices, but once you have received a response, they are only sent to the device the reply came from….
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SMS Messages

MiCloud lets you send one or multiple SMS messages. If you have the authorisation, you can change the number the SMS message comes from. Sending an SMS message is as easy as selecting a contact and clicking Send SMS. If there is more than one number for the contact, choose which number you want to…
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Email messaging

MiCloud will set whether you are using Microsoft Outlook or another email application the first time you use email messaging in order to configure whether to use semi-colons or commas to separate addresses. Sending an email message to a group is as easy as selecting Services > Send message to listed contacts, then selecting email….
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