Help: Call Centre

ACD Agent View

The ACD Agent View is your lifeline in the call centre. Displaying the menu and call information, you have access to all the same call handling functions as the standard view. Switching to ACD Agent view is as easy as selecting View > ACD Agent view in the menu.

Queue Handling

For easy reference, the top of the ACD Agent view shows you the attendant and ACD groups you belong to, whether you are logged in or out, and agent status. This enables you to see the number of available agents, as well as the number of calls queued, so you can quickly and easily see…
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Queue distribution

To make the handling of queues more efficient, the administrator can set:   Destination of calls Defining which types of devices the calls are distributed to. Your own personal call routing rules will not apply in this case. Distribution of calls Time and presence can be used to manage calls. The call can be passed…
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