Help: Call Reporting

How do I search for a user?

The MiCloud TMS has a “Search” tab which can search either by name or number, you also don’t need to know the whole number or name, we only require 6 characters for the search function to work.

Report Listing and Descriptions

Total Spend Category >> Report Name Short Description Branch User Summary See all Branches within the organisation and the associated costs, number of calls and total minutes. This report can also be expanded to see the users linked to each branch. Call Trends This report illustrates the “Type” of calls that are originating from within…
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How do I export a report?

The “Export drop down menu” is visible on every page of the TMS and accessing by clicking below button. All Reports can be exported in several formats [Excel being the most effective].

Can I drill through to more detail in the reports?

Certain reports contain a Hyperlink to another report containing more detail. Any description within a report that is underlined contains a link to more detail. By Clicking on the link, you will be provided with additional detail.