Help: Call Reporting

How do I schedule Reports?

Each organisation can schedule daily, weekly or monthly reports and indicate to which e-mail address/s they need to be delivered to.

Overview of Report Filters

FILTER NAME EXPLANATION Bill Period Period that runs in conjunction with your invoice bill cycle Calendar Period Period that runs according to the calendar month namely 1st – 31st Direction Relating to the direction of the call, can be one of the following: incoming, outgoing and internal Call Type Refers to the type of call…
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Call Categories explained

CALL CATEGORIES EXPLANATION Local Defined as a call made within your “Local Dialling code” such as 011, 021, 031 etc Excludes special numbers National Defined as a call made from your local Dialling code to another dialling code or a distance further than 50km. Excludes special number Mobile Call made to a mobile network. International…
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